Help us spread the word on the IBPI Member Swap Meet!

  • For the 1st 10 Members that upload at least 50 items into the Swap Meet database, IBPI will send you a $100 gift card.
  • For the first 10 Members that purchase an item from the IBPI Swap Meet, IBPI will send you a $100 gift card.

Let us know as soon as you upload items or buy something from another Member!

Member Swap Meet

Do you have old parts, supplies, accessories or equipment hanging around in your warehouse that you will never sell? How about some items that you picked up when you replaced a competitor's machine in the field? Been looking for a place to get rid of that stuff? Well, you have found it! Welcome to the IBPI Swap Meet.


Here you will find items that you can buy from your fellow IBPI Members. Looking for a part for a copier that you can no longer get parts for? You might find it here.Using the Search bar below, type in the name of an OEM or an item number or really anything and see what kind of treasurers you will find. We have also listed the person you should contact in the search results. Happy Hunting!


Get rid of that stuff collecting dust in the warehouse. Using the Swap Meet Excel Template, upload your items for sale. If another IBPI Member wants to buy your items, they will contact you via the email you provide in the template.

List Items For Sale

Download Swapmeet Items Report

Add or Update items in bulk using this Swap Meet Template (Excel) then upload it below:

rows will be added unless the only change(s) are to quantity, description, contact, or email

set quantity to zero if no longer available

Add Items

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