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October 6th, 2021 by admin

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Did you know that some 50 million tons of e-waste are being disposed of around the world every year?

As a participant in the OA imaging industry, CET asks, how can we help reduce scrap and better protect our earth from unwanted waste and pollution?

Refurbishing can help.

What is Refurbishing?

Refurbishing at CET has to do with renewing and extending the life of copier and printer imaging machine sub-assemblies.

Valuable and often expensive components can be re-worked to "like new" condition, extending the life of the product while reducing waste and saving cost over the long run.

What are the benefits of refurbishing?

First, it helps minimize waste and prolong the life of a useable component.

Second, refurbishing can save money, sometimes significant money when compared to new units. For example, CET offers two refurbishing kits for original black and color drum units. The kits are $110 each, whereas the new black and color drum units from the OEM cost well over $400 per color, or more than $1,600 dollars for a set of four.

Does refurbish mean bad or lesser quality?

No! Sometimes a refurbished unit or assembly can work better than the original product. CET invests significant resources to thoroughly evaluate new-build assemblies and determine what opportunities there are to improve upon original designs.

As an industry-leading Research, Development, and Manufacturing organization, we are in constant pursuit of providing better quality through innovation to improve the performance of our products and help lower our customers' service and acquisition costs.

How can I start refurbishing?

You can search for "CET Group" on YouTube to watch our instructional videos and follow our step-by-step written instructions to learn how to refurbish and save.

Contact your CET sales representative for more information and product samples, or email and we'll help you get started.

Note: Companies who engage in refurbishing can realize an improvement in productivity as well. Refurbishing opportunities are great "filler" projects for those off-peak times when customer service calls slow down.

Let's go!

Refurbishing with CET is a great way to reduce waste, lower costs, and boost productivity, especially if new assemblies are in short supply or going up in price. Refurbishing can help you!

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