Quick Quality Cabinets and Salesmaker Carts are now IBPI Preferred Vendor Partners

August 2nd, 2021 by admin

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Quick Quality Cabinets and their sister company, Salesmaker Carts, industry leaders in OEM-compatible copier cabinets and carts for transporting heavy copiers, have become Preferred Vendor Partner with International Business Products Inc. (IBPI). As new partners, they will be able to provide our 500+ members with their industry-leading products. Helping them increase their bottom line while also creating a safer environment for delivery teams.

"Quick Quality Cabinets and Salesmaker Carts are such great additions to our Vendor Partnerships." said Mark Grice, Executive Director at IBPI. "IBPI Members are always looking for OEM alternatives and these cabinets are very high quality at less than OEM prices. We also gain access to a variety of carts that will make transporting heavy equipment much easier and safer."

"All of us here at Quick Quality Cabinets and Salesmaker Carts are ecstatic for the opportunity to help fulfill the needs of IBPI and its members. We have been around the copier industry since the mid-70s, and it is great to finally get cemented into IBPI where we feel like we can help its members reach their goals." added Matias Aramburu, VP of Sales. "Whether it is helping deliver copiers safer and more efficiently or just helping dealers save a few bucks by using our metal copier stands, we look to provide long-term value to IBPI Members so that they can save when they need to."

Quick Quality Cabinets is a national wholesaler of metal after-market copier stands. Salesmaker Carts is a vendor of heavy equipment transport gurneys. QQC's offerings are comparable to OEM when it comes to Generic metal stands for all major copier lines, giving customers safety and efficiency without sacrificing cost-effectiveness when it comes to copier delivery carts. Customers who use QQC saved 30% more on average on metal stands than if they had used OEM. Their products also arrive within 2-4 days of your order, as their warehouses in Louisville, KY (next to the UPS WorldHub), and Carson, CA, allow them faster delivery times than other competitors. QQC provides you with quick and quality delivery on all products, saving you both time and money in the long run.

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