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March 6th, 2023 by admin

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As a leading manufacturer of compatible products for office imaging equipment, CET enjoys working with many successful IBPI companies serving customers in many different areas of the country.

Large And Leading

Some of the larger, better run organizations CET has partnered with are well structured and managed to quickly consider and pursue new ideas and opportunities. These companies tend to be very responsive and good communicators, and their direction and value proposition are clearly understood in and outside the organization. Team members understand the scope of their responsibilities, and they know where to go if support is needed. CET greatly values its relationships with these organizations and relies on their insights to help steer its investments in research, new product development, and manufacturing.

Small But Strong

There are a number of smaller businesses CET works with as well, and while they may not be thought of as “industry leading”…. yet, they’re hot on the trail of some of the larger companies in the market. Like the bigger companies mentioned above, the more successful, smaller companies are open to new ideas and opportunities, and they too are well organized and good communicators. While they may not have the reach some of the larger companies have, the more successful ones tend to possess a clear vison that is backed by strong leadership and talented personnel. These companies are another good source of information for CET, and their valued input and feedback helps us to better understand what we need to know, or know more of, as we go forward.

Mutual Benefits

CET greatly appreciates all of its customers and truly enjoys the relationships it has built over the years. The information that is shared by them is used to develop better performing technologies and expand CET’s line of quality products, while improving customer service and product availability. But perhaps most importantly, the knowledge CET gains from its many relationships helps drive decisions and investments that generate more profits and bigger IBPI rebates for its customers, which are primary goals of Investing More to Bring You More.

Without a doubt, good customer relationships and feedback help make CET better and smarter, and as the highly successful businessman and author Harvey MacKay once said, “The smarter I get, the more I realize I’m not done learning.” Thanks to the support of its many great customers, CET will continue to learn and bring you more in the days ahead.

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